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“Servo Tech Control System” is a medium size of Panel Manufacturer Unit. Manufacturer of PCC, MCC, MVDB, APFC, PDB, AMF, ATS, TEMP. Controller,  PLC Logic Control, Drive/Soft Starter , LDB, DC Control, Construction Control, Change Over Rectifier, Bus Ducts, Feeder Piller for all kind of industries.

Servo Tech Control System being operating in India since 1992, providing total end to end solutions to its customers for Electrical Power requirements.

“Servo Tech Control System” specializes in the planning and execution of Various Types of Trunkey Projects. Power Plants catering to the petrochemical, power, fertilizer, cement, steel, aluminum, and other related industries and has established key solutions to deal with emergency and shutdown job.

  • Design and Submittal Generation

    Review estimated panel components, Create panel drawings in our panel design software.

  • Pre-Production Review

    Quality Control reviews the panel design one last time to insure it’s production ready. This reduces production delays by solving problems before the parts are ordered.

  • Production Start

    All required control panel manufacturing data has already been prepared, so we can begin before the parts arrive. Install all pre-produced wires per the data printed on each wire and per the design drawings.

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control reviewed the design prior to production, the focus is insuring each control panel was final assembled per the design drawings.

  • Shipping

    When QC testing is complete, we notify our customer that we’re preparing their control panel manufacturing order for shipment. This also gives them an opportunity to change the Shipping Address.

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